Balancing Motherhood, Ambition, and the Family Business

I recently had the honor of welcoming Lisa Ritter, a successful real estate agent, to our R.E.A.L Moms Podcast

Lisa is currently working with her husband, who is also a founder of ReMax Results. Throughout her career, she has helped more than a thousand families own homes, for which she received the Best of Omaha Award for 11 years in a row. 

As a mompreneur, she also helped hundreds with their real estate needs. In this episode, we talked about Lisa’s journey to real estate, mom guilt, parenting, and running a business with her husband. 

Here is what we learned:

Lisa’s Path to Entrepreneurship

Lisa became interested in real estate to create more flexibility in her life and take care of her ill son. According to this fantastic mompreneur, selling homes seemed like a fun idea.

At the age of 15, Lisa practiced telemarketing until she was in her mid-twenties. Her success as a consultant in a phone company was marked at the age of 19 when she took her first national trip.  

After leaving her corporate life behind, Lisa tried babysitting while taking care of her son, Daniel. However, this path did not suit her as well. 

Eventually, she turned to real estate, as her background in telemarketing significantly boosted her career and encouraged her to make cold phone calls!

Managing Real Estate with a Positive Mindset and Faith

For Lisa, entering the world of real estate seemed intimidating precisely because she had to take care of her two sons and make a consistent income. 

However, despite worrying about making time for her career and life as a mom, Lisa believes that no matter how difficult a path is, as long as you want something, you can have it. 

According to Lisa, we spend most of our time with our thoughts, so we need to create a mindset that pushes us through the difficulties. The best way to succeed is to stop worrying about the far future and take one step at a time.   

In a world of gratification, the best way to succeed is to take slow and steady steps. Lisa believes that success is the result of gratitude, faith, and a positive mindset. 

Additionally, success in real estate is about adjusting to changes when the world around you is falling apart. 

Including Your Kids and Beating Mom Guilt

Discussing how successful her children are, Lisa talked about her eldest son, a cybersecurity engineer at Apple, and her second son, who is pursuing a law degree with a full tuition scholarship in one of the top 50 schools. 

Lisa insists that mompreneurs should not feel guilty about spending time with their children while pursuing a career because women have been doing this for a long time without hovering around their children 24/7.

You can invite your children to watch you work, and when they need your presence, be there for them to engrave beautiful memories in their minds. Giving your family the best of both worlds will help you better handle the mom guilt.

The purpose is to do things that would benefit your children in the future. Getting them involved with your work will teach them valuable lessons that will shape their habits to success.

Running the Family Business in Real Estate

When Lisa found out about her husband’s decision to pursue a career in real estate, she wasn’t sure about the outcome, but they learned to have different working hours to make it through. 

While Lisa worked during the evenings and on weekends, Dennis did his work during bank hours. What got Lisa and her family through those times was that she had faith in God. Believing in a higher power will teach you that everything is temporary. 

We all face situations that test our faith, but we must remember that none of the hardships last forever. What seems like one of your most terrible times could turn out to be one of your best because “a setback is a setup for a comeback.”

Building Your Real Estate Business Through Learning

Running Remax Results with her real estate agent husband, Lisa, mentions that their work is based on giving people a better life. So, to serve their clients in the best possible way, Lisa and Dennis focus on one relationship at a time to make people’s real estate dreams a reality. 

In Remax Results, the focus is on uniquely dealing with each client. As real estate agents, Lisa and her husband believe that their mission is to help people through their most challenging life decisions.   

Whether buying or selling, a house is one of the client’s most significant assets. Therefore, in the real estate business, Lisa and Dennis learned to deal with each foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, and job relocation differently. 

The goal is to work on one deal each time instead of looking far ahead. Lisa indicated that podcasts and mentorship played a significant role in her success. As a result, the best way to become a successful entrepreneur is to listen to insightful podcast episodes and join a coaching program.

Lisa emphasizes the importance of having a coach because, when dealing with any business, you will need an unbiased professional to guide you through the way. The weekly coaching sessions have helped Lisa bring compatibility into her life and make different components work together. 

Marriage and Business Partnership

After being with her husband for nearly four decades and working with him on different projects, Lisa learned that running a business with a family member needs autonomy. 

By giving your spouse or other family members their separate tasks, you are allowing them to have freedom in their workspace. Letting your business partner immerse in their wins without getting in their way will prevent you from having conflicts. 

The best solution to running a successful family business is communication. By discussing your responsibilities, you become aware of your role and what to do next.

Comparison at Work

While running a team of 30 real estate agents with her husband, Lisa learned to stop comparing their wins with hers. Instead of feeling guilty about others’ success, she thinks it is better to be grateful for the fantastic team and workspace you have. 

Get in Touch with Lisa

Suppose you are considering selling, buying, or becoming a real estate agent. In that case, you can reach Lisa, a real estate agent in Omaha, NE, by dialing 402-612-2413 or contacting her at [email protected]

Furthermore, visit our website for insights and join the R.E.A.L Moms Community to thrive in the real estate world. It is always a blessing to have you on board!



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