How to Adapt and Evolve in Business

Lessons From Nebraska Mompreneurs 

Adaptability is the key to surviving and thriving in today's fast-paced business world. Cities like Lincoln, Columbus, and Omaha are creating new opportunities for women in business every day.

On the R.E.A.L. MOMS Podcast, I had an inspiring conversation with Maggie Olson, founder of Nova Chief of Staff, and a fellow mompreneur, about how we navigate and evolve in our respective fields. 

We discussed the challenges and rewards of adaptability and the power of a women’s professional network in Nebraska.

Maggie and I also discussed lessons learned on our journies, practical tips for staying ahead, and the value of networking events. 

You can listen to our conversation on the latest episode of my informative Nebraska Podcast.

Join us as we share insights on how to adapt and evolve in business, inspired by the journeys of Nebraska mompreneurs.

Why Adaptability is Crucial For Mumpreneurs

1. Navigating Changing Market Trends

Markets change quickly. Being adaptable means you can respond to new trends and demands. This flexibility helps you stay relevant and competitive. 

For example, when online shopping became more popular in the 2010s, many mompreneurs shifted their focus to e-commerce. Those who got in first generally managed to gain a foothold and eventually succeeded in their areas of operation.

By staying flexible, you can meet your customers' needs and keep your business thriving.

2. Balancing Work and Family

As a mompreneur, you juggle business and family responsibilities. Adaptability helps you manage this balance. 

Women groups in Nebraska provide support and share strategies for handling these challenges. 

They offer practical advice on how to adjust your schedule, delegate tasks, and prioritize your time. 

This support system is invaluable for maintaining both your business and family life.

3. Expanding Your Network

Networking events are vital for growth. They offer opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs, potential clients, and mentors. 

By being adaptable, you can take advantage of these opportunities even if they push you out of your comfort zone. 

Attending these events can open doors to new partnerships, collaborations, and resources that can help your business grow.

Lessons from Nebraska Mompreneurs

Embrace Change

Maggie emphasized the importance of being flexible. She shared how she and her husband were set to move to New Mexico but changed plans last minute. 

They chose Nebraska for better support and opportunities. "We switched gears eight days before we were set to move," Maggie said. Embracing change helped them find the best path for their family and business.

Build a Support Network

I highlighted the value of community. She created the Real Moms Community to connect with other mompreneurs. 

The network provides support, advice, and empowerment. It is essentially just like joining your local women's groups in Nebraska but with a professional twist. It helps you navigate challenges and celebrate successes together.

For example, if you are in real estate, joining ICONS of Real Estate can help you build a formidable network of agents and marketing professionals to boost your prospects of succeeding in your target market.

Leverage Available Resources

We both agreed on the importance of using available resources. Maggie launched Nova Chief of Staff to fill a gap she saw in the market. 

She created a course to help others succeed while I bring in experts to her meetings, covering topics from finance to nutrition. 

Leveraging resources and expertise helps you grow and adapt your business.

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