How to Balance Motherhood and Business

5 Tips From Nebraska Mompreneurs

Balancing motherhood and a business can feel like an impossible juggling act. On the R.E.A.L. MOMS Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Natasha Lundy, founder of Willow Key Interiors and a fellow mompreneur from Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Together, we shared our experiences and insights on how to manage the challenges of being both a mom and a business owner. 

I am a realtor in Columbus, Nebraska, and a founding member of the R.E.A.L. MOMS Community.

By creating a professional network in Nebraska and connecting with women's groups in cities like Lincoln, Omaha, and Columbus, I have learned and discovered effective strategies for success thanks to personal stories and insights from fellow mumpreneurs. 

Join our Nebraska podcast community as we reveal five practical tips from our conversation that can help you balance motherhood and business, and make the most of networking events to support your journey.

Tips For Balancing Motherhood With Entrepreneurship

1. Understand the Importance of a Support Network

A strong support network is crucial for balancing motherhood and business. Natasha emphasized the role her family played in her journey. "I wouldn't have been able to do it without my family's support," she shared. 

Surround yourself with people who understand your challenges and can offer practical help and emotional support. 

Women groups in Nebraska can be a valuable resource, providing a community of like-minded individuals who face similar struggles and triumphs. 

Networking events also offer opportunities to connect with others who can provide support and guidance.

2. Embrace Flexibility and Adaptability

Running a business while raising children requires a high level of flexibility and adaptability. Natasha highlighted the need to adjust their schedules and expectations constantly. 

We reflected on the importance of being adaptable to changing circumstances. Embrace the unpredictability of both motherhood and entrepreneurship and be ready to pivot when necessary.

As mothers in a competitive business environment, we deserve a community of women who understand us, that we can open up to without feeling judged," 

3. Prioritize Self-Care and Health

Taking care of yourself is essential to managing both your business and family responsibilities. Natasha stressed the importance of self-care, saying, "I need to even prioritize exercise, yoga, and my health." 

Make time for activities that recharge you, whether it’s exercise, hobbies, or simply taking a moment for yourself. 

Prioritizing self-care ensures you have the energy and mental clarity to handle the demands of both roles effectively.

4. Utilize Professional Networks and Resources

Leveraging professional networks and resources can make a significant difference. I talked about starting the Real Moms Community to connect with other mompreneurs. 

Engage with professional networks in Nebraska and attend networking events to learn from others and gain valuable insights. 

These interactions can provide new ideas, opportunities, and support that can help you navigate the complexities of balancing motherhood and business.

For example, if you are a mumpreneur in real estate, consider joining ICONS of Real Estate.  They will provide you with tools to help you push your career or business tp the next level. 

They also have a countrywide network of agents and other real estate professionals who are ready to help you navigate your local market.

5. Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Setting realistic goals and expectations is key to managing your workload and maintaining your sanity. 

Natasha shared how she had to adjust her goals to fit her circumstances. "I was just thinking, okay, this is my passion. I can work a few hours a week…that obviously didn’t happen," she noted. 

Be honest about what you can achieve and don’t overextend yourself. Setting achievable goals helps you stay focused and reduces stress, making it easier to balance your responsibilities.

Join Other Mumpreneurs on The R.E.A.L. MOMS Podcast

The R.E.A.L. MOMS Community and The R.E.A.L. MOMS Podcast are platforms for mums in business to share personal stories of juggling business and personal life. 

We inspire, motivate, and educate each other on the best approaches to manage this balancing act.

Do you want to join fellow mumpreneurs in Nebraska? Do you stove for an abundant living? Be part of the R.E.A.L. MOMS Community today. 

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