How to Set Yourself Up For Success in a Male-Dominated Profession

This week we had an exciting and eye-opening guest on the podcast. Lea Ann is a developer, remodeling expert, property manager, and real estate agent in Lincoln, NE. She explained that she felt like she had been in real estate for a long time because she bought her first property as a teenager and put it up as a rental property.

Professionally, she got licensed in 2015. She loves real estate because it gives her the flexibility to do humanitarian work and spend time with her seven children and five grandchildren. Real estate has always been her passion and her journey to help her clients buy and sell homes started in the construction business.

The 2008 housing market crash was difficult on her construction and tile-setting business and first, it was a necessity to pivot into buying and selling homes. Today, she is completely immersed in real estate.

Being Respected in a Male-Dominated Field

You need a developer in Lincoln, NE, a remodeling expert, or a realtor? Lea Ann is the person to call in. As you can imagine, being in construction and development as a woman isn’t easy. As a manager, she needs to command respect without demanding it. 

Lea Ann says that she has experienced some friction because of this and has come up with a way to manage it. She says that instead of tip-toeing around the fact that she is a woman, she addresses the issue immediately the first chance she gets.

I wholeheartedly agree with Lea Ann. From my personal experience, not addressing such situations leads to awkwardness and being uncomfortable in the work setting. Addressing it head-on deflates any tension that may build up and allows your colleagues or clients to speak up if they have any problems or concerns with you as a woman.

How to Manage Time as a Real Estate Professional

Lea Ann explained that she had no choice but to really good with time management. Of course, she admitted that every professional should always strive to be better with time management, even herself.

As a realtor and a mom, I continue to improve my time management skills. So far Lea Ann seems to be doing good with time management. She is a humanitarian and has visited the East African country of Tanzania. 

She’s been taking care of seven children (although today all of them are adults) and she has to manage herself to show love to five grandbabies. This is just extraordinary! She also values quality over quantity. 

She references a story that happened many years ago about a friend who unexpectedly died from an aneurysm. This loss taught her about “being in the moment” instead of glossing through life. I could tell that this loss still affected her today.

Agents need to know how to manage their time. This comes from years of experience. If you are a new agent, you will not get it the first time, so forgive yourself when things don’t always go according to plan. 

However, you can learn time management skills and other practices that can help you succeed in the industry. From my experience, one of the best ways to learn is through real estate mentorship and coaching. ICONS of Real Estate is a great platform to engage with experienced agents who can sponsor and mentor you. 

Being Safe as a Woman in Real Estate

The final third of the episode had us debating the safety of women in the real estate industry. The industry is extremely competitive and one phone call from a client can have you leaving everything that you are doing and driving a considerable amount of miles to show a property.

This puts you in an empty house with a complete stranger. Although uncommon, this can be dangerous in some cities. In some ways, Lea Ann and I agreed that being a realtor can likened to being a cop by how we can put ourselves in danger.

So, if you are a real estate agent, try and stay safe. If you are unsure about a showing or the location, tell someone where you are going, have a colleague or friend accompany you, or if the communication with the client sounds off-putting, just don’t go!

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