The Story of a Resilient Single Mother Dominating Omaha’s Real Estate Market

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Your Thoughts Are the Architects of Your Destiny, by David McKay

This week Angela Peters joined me on the R.E.A.L. MOMS Podcast to discuss her story of resilience and how she unexpectedly discovered a community that helped her become a successful realtor in Nebraska.

Angela began her real estate career in 2011 after she moved to Nebraska. She didn’t have any family or friends to support her as she adjusted to life in the Midwest. She had been divorced in 2005 and was left to take care of a fourteen-month-old baby. 

Her inspiring come-up story of successfully managing to be a great mom while professionally thriving in a city that was a complete 180 degrees from her previous life in Arizona was the subject of our latest episode.

She attributes her success to building a community that can support you both in personal and professional times. A great working relationship with her colleagues has gone a long way to making her the realtor she is today. Angela and I also agreed on the importance of professional coaching/ mentorship. 

She is not afraid to show compassion and vulnerability and in many cases is a positive attribute for her prospective clients. Here is a breakdown of how her resilience and the strength of her team and clients carried her to heights she never imagined was possible in Omaha.

Early Years, Divorce, and Getting a Real Estate License

Angela Lived in Virginia and Arizona. She told me that while her peers were clamoring to work at the mall, she was with her dad at his job site. I’d assume this is where she first had a knack for real estate. 

She moved to Omaha in 2005 with her then-spouse but the couple divorced in 2011 and was left to tend to their child by herself. Angela had no family in Omaha. She had no backup plan. Her husband had on several occasions discouraged her from pursuing real estate.

However, her experience as an event planner gave her the courage to dip her toes into the profession. So in her words, in 2011, she gave her husband two documents; divorce papers, and a real estate license. 

The Strength of Other Moms & Colleagues Carried Her Through Tough Times

Angela recalls having to ask other moms to pick her son up from school when she was still working. Incredibly, other moms always came through for her. Showing her vulnerability allowed other moms to be able to relate to her even more. 

Vulnerability allowed her to build even stronger relationships with her female colleagues and also get a chance to serve more clients because of her relatability. Building solid working relationships with her colleagues also assisted her tremendously when she was going through personal challenges.

Angela recalls that she spent 80 days away from the office to tend to her dad who had Alzheimer's. But, because she had created a great relationship with her colleagues, they were able to help her when it came to showing houses and finalizing the paperwork. Imagine 80 days out of the office! Such relationships are almost non-existent in today’s real estate landscape.

Finding Success as a Realtor in Omaha

Brokered by Realty ONE Group Sterling, Angela has seen tremendous success guiding her clients when buying and selling property. She was the rookie agent of the year in her first year in real estate and at one time, during her 80-day hiatus, she sold the most homes in her Omaha office. 

But, perhaps her greatest success is managing to juggle between being a single mom and being a realtor. Her son is a teenager now, but I could tell that Angela took so much joy from her son helping her with simple things such as crafting thank-you messages for her clients. 

Today, 90% of her clients come from referrals and this has made her incredibly successful in Omaha. She insisted that collaboration and community are the secrets to a successful real estate business.

We Agreed on The Importance of Coaching/ Mentorship in Real Estate 

We spent a considerable amount of time discussing mentorship in real estate during the pod. We both agreed that to be a top-tier agent, you need to be mentored. I acknowledged that my journey with hiring a mentor was not always smooth sailing because it conflicted with my personal life. 

Nevertheless, I saw growth and positive changes in my professional life. Angela also added that a mentor or coach can help you become the best version of yourself so that you can become the best realtor you can be. She gave an example of how she started going to the gym thanks to her mentor.

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They discussed the importance of real estate coaching. How coaches can help you stay focussed on the mission and stay on track with the business. Shae discussed a personal period where she went through a mental breakdown when the business slowed down and things were not great financially. The coach guided her back on track and that year became her most successful when it comes to sales volume.

They discussed how good coaches can be expensive but they are great personal investments. They also agreed that, as an agent, if you should prioritize on the value you are getting from coaching instead of the monetary value. They also agreed that monetary investment doesn’t have to produce material returns. As long as it makes you a better person, then that will make you a better professional. Angela said that having a coach has had a positive ripple effect even in her personal life like starting to go to the gym.

Angela finally touched on how women show each other more love in the professional space, learning from each other and helping each other flourish in real estate.

Quote of the day: Your Thoughts Are the Architects of Your Destiny, by David McKay

Podcast guest: Angela Peters.

  • She is a realtor with Realty ONE Group Sterling
  • 90% of her real estate success can be attributed to referrals
  • She believes that collaboration and community are the secrets to success in real estate.
  • She started doing real estate in Nebraska in 2011 after she moved there.
  • Angela believes in professional compassion and vulnerability, letting clients understand that she is a parent.
  • Having a good working relationship with her colleagues (other realtors) She insists on building a good relationship and rapport with colleagues (the story of being in Arizona for 80 days for her dad who had Alzheimer's. Her colleagues would show houses on her behalf and other colleagues in the office would help her with coordinating transactions and paperwork

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